let's get started

The journey to a better financial future starts with just one step. Our process is well-defined and we want you to feel completely comfortable working with us. We'll never try to sell you anything, because we're not here to sell. Our mission is to guide you toward financial contentment.

our process

  • step 1: Discovery Meeting

    Our process starts with a Discovery Meeting, which typically lasts about 90 minutes. During this time, we get to know you better and find out more about what you're most interested in achieving in life. 

  • step 2: Investment plan meeting

    A couple of weeks later, we'll meet for a second time and present our investment plan. We'll suggest enhancements to your portfolio to help make sure it provides the best opportunity for you to achieve your most important goals.

  • Step 3: Mutual Commitment Meeting

    Finally, we'll decide whether or not it makes sense to work together long-term. We're interested in keeping clients for many decades, so we take this process seriously. We only want to work with you if we can add significant value to your financial life.