Your financial journey—cleared for takeoff.

CAVU is an aviation weather term: Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited—a wonderfully clear day for flying. The CAVU team wants your journey to be equally clear and limitless.

A life-centered financial planning firm, we get to know what’s important to you, what you hope to achieve and how your finances will help you get there. Together, we will define your goals and develop a plan to navigate what lies ahead. With wise investing and expert guidance, you will have clarity and confidence each step along the way.

The journey matters as much as the destination. We’ll navigate so you can enjoy the ride.


Goal Development

Your financial journey should incorporate your values, needs, and priorities. By getting to know your ambitions, we can provide long-term vision and short-term motivation.


Financial Planning

We care about your total financial life, not just your investments. Whether you're funding college education, planning for retirement, giving to support loved ones and charitable causes, or building a legacy for future generations, we can guide you toward your vision of financial freedom.


Investment Management

We’re experts. We control the things that can be controlled: taxes, costs, and your exposure to risk. We’ll explore your priorities, analyze your unique situation and craft a clear strategy to maximize your potential for success.


Doing Good Feels Good


$323,136 Contributed to Date

Being generous is fun and healthy. We don’t just advise generosity for our clients, we model it. Giving back is an integral part of the culture at CAVU.

Since our founding in 2009, we have contributed 10% of our revenue to dozens of charitable organizations. Learn more about our giving strategy and the organizations we support here.