Aligning your life and financial goals.

Your ambitions set the course for your life journey. When you join the CAVU family, we help you get organized financially then guide you to discover your short- and long-term goals. 

Why should I get organized? So that you know where you are starting. Often, the biggest hurdles to feeling financially confident are disorganization and confusion. Instead, we want you to have clarity on where you stand.

Why do I need to think about and share my goals? We will help you navigate the turbulence around money and personal finances to arrive at a destination that brings you contentment. To do so, both you and your CAVU team need to be clear on the desired destination from the start.  After all, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will lead you there.” Unless you have unlimited time and money, identifying what brings you the most contentment will allow you to use the resources you have in the best way. 

What happens next? Once you are organized and have goals in mind, we will provide you with a strategy for your journey, along with continued guidance and support to navigate you through the ‘messy middle’ and enable you to arrive at your intended destination.

Want to retire when you’re 65? Let’s see what that looks like for you. Wondering if you’re saving enough for college? Let’s run the numbers. Interested in buying a new car/house/boat?  We’ll help you determine what you can afford. Curious if your investments are maximizing their potential? We’ll make sure your portfolio suits your needs.